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Montreal, Quebec

What happens when one English Canadian from Sarnia, Ontario and a British Canadian end up on rue Aylmer in Montreal?  Not a hell of a lot, lemme tell ya!   hehe

3454 rue Aylmer, second building on the left. Best to give that place a width berth in the history of Montreal underground music. 

PF in his downtown Montreal pad circa summer of 1986

PF in his downtown Montreal pad circa summer of 1986.  John Cash takes the photo between shots of whisky.  As PF said, "Most London, Ontario bands end up sooner or later in Toronto.  It was only natural that the Vee Gates do the total opposite and end up in Montreal via Quebec City as the early French explorers.  We also decided to take up smoking so we knew we had made the right move!"

PS: Notice the classic Deja Voodoo poster in the background:  If you want to get ahead,  get a hat!  If Pete is really this cool, how come his shirt is hanging out

John Cash circa May 2011 on rue Aylmer.   Too poor to afford a shirt!

John Cash's digs on rue Ste-Famille.

Scott Wilson in my rue Aylmer apartment (Bach is on the wall)

Scott Wilson, the resident wandering American who would drop by PF's apartment to borrow his electric guitar.  I wonder if Bach would approve?