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Rule #4:  Get a REHEARSAL SPACE so you can practice.  Sure, the best thing is to find a new band member who has all the best assets: a car, a practice space, and home recording equipment.  Musical skills helps too but they can be picked up on the fly.  hehe  However, life in the big city usually means you usually have to rent a band rehearsal space so you can nail that off-the-floor demo in the studio that you want to do.

$24 receipt for rehearsal space

Make sure to keep all receipts as the taxman might come auditing you for abject poverty! hehe  Note: this receipt says May 1985 and we practiced there in February 1985 as well but I don't have that receipt.  I have no idea why I even have any receipts right now! (2011).   Good grief!


Rule #5: Get a demo recording so you can get some gigs.  Back in the mid 1980s, this often required going into a recording studio and doing an off-the-floor demo as fast as you could.  So, beg, borrow or steal from friends and neighbours and leave IOUs promising you will pay them back when you make it big.  Play up the poor struggling musician card.  Wear shabby clothes when you ask for donations to make your demo.

emac sound recording studios brochure

EMAC Sound Recording Studios. The brochure should have included the factor that any recording demo artists must go gas up the sound engineers beat-up car in the nearby parking lot.  We should have called our first demo "Out of Gas."  hehe

Emac mastered demo tape with song list

Make sure you have a master copy of your tracks.  No MP3s or CDs back then.  Believe you me, that wasn't fun working like that.  With about 5 cassette tapes to give out, we were oozing in technology!  LOL


Rule # 6: Give your demo tape a good catchy name from a literary work (in our case) such as from a Sherlock Holmes story.

"The Game is afoot" is an original 3 song "off the floor" demo recorded at Emac Studios in London, Ontario (February 1985).  

Pete Forrest: guitar, vocals
Jon Cash: bass
Trent Rogers: drums