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Sarnia, Ontario CANADA


Pete playing guitar on the picnic table

Back in the early 80s in a small town called Sarnia, there was a boy named Pete Forrest.  A well-meaning uncle had bought a guitar for his older brother Paul (nicknamed 'da boyd' due to his geeky specs)...

Paul Forrest - da boyd... Paul Forrest - da boyd... dig those specs...

... but the instrument eventually ended up in the younger brother's hands.  The guitar was nicknamed "the Big Daddy" because it was much too big for any living mortal to play--a six string finger killer! 

the "Big Daddy" guitar

Pete, who had no real musical talent decided to take on the Big Daddy, but only because of a bet.  His dad got drunk one evening and said, "I'll give anyone a hundred bucks if they learn to play an instrument well." 

Well, three years of guitar lessons later and after finishing eight books of the corny "Dick Bennett" method, Pete found himself no better off when he had started.  He still couldn't play that well, but his parents bought him an electric guitar and amp for his 16th birthday anyway.  He soon found that other guys in high school were playing in bands so he knew what he must do: get a band together!

So in the summer of 1982, Pete convinced a bunch of close friends (Trent Rogers and John McGrath) to form a band.  Trent Rogers, who had been Pete's friend since Grade 5 had already a set of drums that he had bought with his paper route money years back.  Trent and Pete had even written a number of joke songs together before the age of sixteen thinking they would have to write a hundred like the Beatles' legend.  Trent also liked the drums because he could veg out and sit down while playing.

John McGrath, had recently moved from Sunderland, England to Canada so he seemed up for the challenge to play the bass to fill in the gaps.  He came from overseas with a huge stack of imported records that few in Canada had ever heard of at the time.  John and Pete were first introduced to each other through a common friend Eugene, and got together during a lunch spare period when they started talking about the Sex Pistols and Pete's ripped up Who t-shirt that he wore incessantly to school.  John influenced Pete to dump the Led Zeppelin and Who records and go totally into punk and get a hair cut!  John also got Pete to buy an army jacket and become a Clash fan.  Despite John's strong punk influence, he still thought we should be wearing white shirts to school that clashed with the Black Sabbath fans. Heck, it was the 80s so you were either a prep, a geek, or a rock n roll freak. 

3 Stooges in white shirts...  wannabee punk n rollers!

How on earth would we turn these guys into punk n rollers? Talk about high school mug shots!!!  hehe

Quite simply, just create a punk n roll band called The Small Profits!