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Tierra del fuego

I am not a man at all
And I am not your man at all
Well I'm here stuck at the end of the world
It's the only place to hide from my girl

Cause I am not the one for you
And I will not be true to you
Well I'm here stuck at the end of the world
It's the only place to hide from my girl

Tierra del fuego, a burning love, don't you know
Tierra del fuego, you kiss her once, she won't let go
Tierra del fuego, she's burning up, I'm freezing cold

Oh, si, si Argentina
Cry for me (Argentina)
Oh, si, si
Take me home

[repeat lyrics]

Words and music by Peter Forrest

Year Written: July 21, 1988 (Montréal)
Date Recorded: 1988 (4-track, Montreal, Québec CANADA)
Musicians: Peter Forrest (vocals), François Dubeau (guitars, bass, drum programming), Dan Hartal (back up singing)

Song Notes: While being extremely bored and depressed during that 1988 summer in Montreal after being dumped by his girlfriend, Pete was inspired by looking at a map of the world and seeing the island at the end of the world "Tierra del fuego." (Earth of Fire).  He thought it might be a good place to escape to.  Of course this was also during Pete's Latin American themed phase. 

The line "she's burning up, I'm freezing cold" was a play on the Rolling Stones song "She's so cold." It's the opposite and Pete meant it as a gag.  Many people loved this song and François said, "I can tell Pete just broke up with his girlfriend" upon hearing it. You can also see the joke about "Argentina, cry for me" as a counter to "Don't Cry for Me Argentina."  Also, my friend Dan Hartal (a.k.a. Schmelvis) is singing the word Argentina and "Si Si" at the end.  His mother was born in Argentina.

Basic Guitar Chords: 

Opening: Asus2, Dm, Gsus4, Dm, Dm9 (4x)
Verses: A, C#m7, G, D
Bridge: A, G, D, Dsus4 (2x)
Chorus: A, E, F#m, D