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See U in the Rain

You, you wouldn't stop to say
That you knew our love's insane
And it wouldn't get any better
If the weather will not change
And I know it's you that haunts me
So I'll see you in the rain

Oh yeah, let me see you in the rain
Whoah… let me see you in the rain
Here comes the pain
See you in the rain…

[repeat lyrics]

See you in the rain (spoken)

[guitar solo]

Words and music by François Dubeau and Peter Forrest

Year Written: 1987 (Montreal)
Date Recorded: 1988 (4-track, Montreal, Québec CANADA)
Musicians: Peter Forrest (vocals), François Dubeau (guitars, bass, drum programming)

Song Notes: François composed and recorded an instrumental version of this song on his own and brought Pete the tape.  He asked Pete to put some lyrics and a vocal line to it.  Pete was feeling very lazy that summer of 1987 in Montreal and he didn't bother to do anything about it for a few months.  François started to bug Pete about it at all the Vee Gates practices so Pete knew he had to do something.  Pete first told François he would have to change one chord from a major to a minor or he couldn't do it.  François changed the chord and quickly gave Pete another recording.  Petey then knew he had to do something pronto to appease the man.

François then told Pete that when he was about 18 years old, he had went out with an older woman and his words exactly were, "our love was insane."  So, Pete decided to use that as the basis for the song. The song sounded like rain as well so Pete came up with the rain angle.  When Pete sang François the final song, he was ecstatic.  Pete was just glad to get him off his back.  Pete still has no idea to this day why he was so lazy to work on that song.  He could usually come up with song lyrics and a melody in a matter of hours. 

François recorded it right away and asked Pete to sing it at his N.D.G apartment. Pete didn't even have time to make up a second verse for the song.  In the end, Pete adlibbed by saying softly "See You in the Rain" and François flipped out in joy when he did that.  Indeed, it sounded cool upon playback.  François' "rainy" solo is one of the best.

Basic Guitar Chords: 

Opening: C#m

- I will try to work out all the correct chords later