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Halfway There

I just found out the other day
That I lost it all along the way
I'm hitting every place in town
I'm just hanging around
I can't see what's in front of me

I'm halfway there but I'm never home
Cause the most the times I'm so alone
I just don't care anymore
Cause now I'm left outside your door
I can't see what's in front of me

[guitar solo]

Words and music by Peter Forrest and John McGrath

Year Written: 1982 (Sarnia, Ontario CANADA)
Date Recorded: 1985 (EMAC Studios, London, Ontario CANADA)
Musicians: Peter Forrest (guitar and vocals), John McGrath (bass), Trent Rogers (drums)

Song Notes: The first four lines of this song were made up by John Cash.  Though, the first line used to be "I just got out of jail today."  When Pete first sang this song in front of students at the Northern Collegiate Battle of the Bands, they laughed at that line so he changed it to "I just found out the other day." This song is also noted for its cool rockabilly solo composed and performed by Peter Forrest.  Pete's friends used to test him after drinking beer if he could play that virtuosic solo.  If he couldn't, that meant Pete was drunk.  hehe  This song was part of the first Vee Gates 3-song demo called "The Game is Afoot."  The song was also included on the What Wave compilation tape released in 1986. 

Basic Guitar Chords: 

Verses: D, C, A
Chorus: E, E7, E, E7, A, A7, A, A7
Solo: (email me)