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Rina Gribovsky was the official Vee Gates photographer.  You can blame her for catching such musical freaks in action! hehe LOL  Click on a small image to enlarge.

Pete, François, Danny-boy (1988)

The infamous "Tycoon bar" show... too bad these talentless guys are doomed to a life of poverty! Not even a tycoon could rescue them! hehe

Rina, Danny-boy, Pete, François at the McGill Ballroom (1987)

If this is really "Ballroom" entertainment, I want a refund on my tux! hehe

Pete thinks he's Jimmy Page... hehe (1988)

What? He's no good at playing "live" either? ;-) hehe

Pete loses his shirt at Concordia University gig! (1989)

Moral of the story: Do not give a 6-pack of beer to a rock star before going on stage! hehe

Pete goes on with the show despite his missing shirt! (1989)

Too bad, rumour has it that Holt Renfrew were looking for rock star sponsorship deals! hehe

François's singing career has just started... though is anyone listening? hehe (1989)

Isn't this the man responsible for the death of Karaoke? hehe

François thinks he's the French Jimmy "La"Page! hehe (1989)

François sings up a storm! (1989)

Geez... I was wondering what all that horrid screeching was? hehe

François and his killer Rickenbacker bass (1988)

Which one is out on parole?! hehe

Pete Forrest and François Dubeau (1988)

We look so cool... too bad the place is empty and we're great at faking it! hehe

Pete Forrest and François Dubeau (1988)

Two cool cats... somebody shoot them! hehe

François Dubeau and Sci-fi Man (1989)

Somebody stop these guys!!! The guys in the white coats are coming soon, don't worry!

Rina Gribovsky and Pete Forrest at the McGill Ballroom (1987)

Rumour has it that these two once got married. Rock and Roll marriages never last! hehe

Rina Gribovsky on the Rickenbacker at the McGill Ballroom (1987)

Hey! If she is the official photographer, how the *bleep* did she take this shot? hehe

Danny-boy Schwartz at the McGill Ballroom gig (1987)

Is he of legal age to be playing in an apocalyptic rock band? hehe

Sci-fi Man hits the low notes... (aka François Machabée) 1989

Sometimes he even hits the right notes during a show... only, if the planets are aligned right! hehe

Pete and Sci-fi Man (aka François Machabée) 1989

Just a shot from our "Plan-9 from Outer Space" gig at Concordia University

The first Vee Gates pro photo shoot: Trent Rogers, John McGrath, Pete Forrest (1985)

Don't mess with us! One of us is holding a Ricky!!!



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