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Pete Forrest on guitar, François Dubeau on the Rickenbacker bass (Montréal, Québec)  the Vee Gates official Jukebox!

Pete Forrest on guitar & François Dubeau on the Rickenbacker bass (Montréal, Québec).  Check that Marilyn Monroe motif on the guitar!  These guys should get a life! lol

Chronological Recording History (1985-1988) 

The 1985 London, Ontario "The Game is afoot" 3 song demo tape has just been converted from the original studio reel to reel (dated Feb. 26, 1985).   This "off the floor" demo was engineered by Rob Nation at Emac Studios in London, Ontario.   Many thanks goes out to David Cain of SoundMaster Studios of Ottawa Canada for artfully rescuing the original, almost 20-year old Ampex reel to reel on November 22, 2004.

the first Vee Gates promo shots from London, OntarioPete Forrest: guitar, vocals
Jon Cash: bass
Trent Rogers: drums

London, Ontario (1986) WhatWave magazine compilation used our song "Halfway There" in their compilation tape:

Montréal, Québec (July 1986) - 4-track demo (9 "live" songs) recorded after only two practices in Montreal with the new drummer, François Dubeau at the "Hole-in-the-Wall" practice shack up on Iberville:

the first Vee Gates show in Montreal at Le Tatou

Pete Forrest: guitar, vocals
Jon Cash: bass
François Dubeau: drums, production

fostex 4-track recorderMontréal, Québec (July 1987-88) - 4-track songs recorded by François Dubeau as "producer":

Pete Forrest: vocals
François Dubeau: drums, guitars, bass, production

François and Pete on stage at the Station 10, Montreal

More miscellaneous songs from Montréal (1988):

LIVE Songs recorded in Montréal clubs (1988):

Pete Forrest: vocals, guitar
François Dubeau: bass
Dan Schwartz: drums

Pete,  François, and Danny-boy Schwartz

Unfinished songs:

  • Castles in Spain

Last 4-track song ever recorded:

Songs never recorded:

  • Well of Souls
  • Drink the Wine
  • Let it Pass Her By
  • Once a Day
  • Victories in Vain
  • The Cat's Eyes
  • The Cowboy Song
  • Man in the Crowd
  • Baby's Gone to Heaven
  • KGB Opera
  • Pink to Blue
  • Reggae Mortis
  • Red and Black
  • Spanish Girl
  • Song Without a Name
  • Too Fast to Last
  • This World
  • Under and Over
  • Vanity Faire