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Welcome to the Vee Gates musical archive!   "How's it goin'?"

The Vee Gates - Archives from Chemical Valley

The band's name "Vee Gates" means "How's it going" in German. Though, it is written "Wie geht's?"  From that cool play on words, you will get the essence of the Vee Gates band that had its early origins in Chemical Valley in Sarnia, Ontario Canada! 

A band with a name like that has to be a bit nuts!

The Vee Gates was an underground band, first formed in London, Ontario in 1985 that hit the Montreal scene in the summer of 1986.  The original three members hailed from the home of Chemical Valley, Sarnia, Ontario.  The music was standard bass, drum, and guitar and usually had a dark literary edge to many of the songs (i.e.  Valley of Fear, Study in Scarlet, Dorian Gray, Sign of 4). The group disbanded in 1988.  The last song ever recorded was Radioactive Man in the spring of 1989 when an obscure member named "Sci-Fi Man" joined the band for a local radio contest in Montreal.

This archive contains all of the band's history, members info, music, pictures, and funny stories to boot!

Be warned:  this site is full of old cheapo recordings done on tape recorders that you would find now in junk stores and pawn shops.  Though, the band did progress to the 4-track studio of François Dubeau in the later recordings. 

THE  VEE GATES VIRTUAL STORY is slowly being constructed!  Hey, Rome wasn't built in a day!  hehe 

last updated:  May 21, 2020